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Whether for your own use or for your company,
as a curiosity, or a urinary necessity, get UroClub™ now!

The privacy shield hooks to the sides of the pants or belt and adds stability. This allows freedom of the hands to manipulate the club and zipper. The entire club is made of a non-porous material. Therefore, caring and cleaning is effortless!

The UroClub™ is intended to eliminate anxiety and any feeling of uneasiness on the course. It can be emptied at the nearest restroom or later on, when the golfer returns home.

Capacity: Over half a liter, twice the volume commonly urinated.

Length: Like a standard 7 Iron

Special wholesale prices are directed to encourage club makers to brand UroClub™ and include it in their accessory lines, just like gloves or umbrellas.

  3 easy steps to “keep you out of the woods”
  Step 1:
Unscrew the UroClub’s triple seal, leak proof cap.
  Step 2:
Clip the privacy towel to the UroClub and your belt or waist band.
  Step 3: Discreetly relieve yourself and then get back into the game!